Mega-Senna Mega-Senna

Mega Sena is Brazil’s star lottery, offering impressive jackpots which compete with many of the world’s biggest lottery names. The lottery is best known for its distinct drawing format and the world-renowned New Year’s Eve super draw, the Mega da Virada, which attracts fans worldwide.

To win the Mega Sena jackpot, players must predict all 6 numbers drawn from a guess range of 1-60. For more information about the rules, please visit the Mega Sena Lottery Info page. Mega Sena boasts some of the most attractive jackpots in South America both in the biweekly and annual draws. Mega Sena’s New Year’s Eve draw, the Mega da Virada, draws lotto fans from around the world with top prizes that are compiled by setting aside 5% of the proceeds from the year’s regular draws.

Mega Sena prizes must be claimed within 90 days from the day of the draw. Like all Brazilian lotteries, prizes are paid out in a lump sum and are transferred to winners tax-free.

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