Australian Powerball Lotto Australian Powerball Lotto

Australian Powerball is a lottery operated by New South Wales Lotteries in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Tattersalls in Victoria and Tasmania, Golden Casket in Queensland, South Australia Lotteries Commission for South Australia and Lotterywest in Western Australia.

Australian Powerball is similar to Powerball operated in the United States. Five regular numbers are picked from one pool of 45, with the Powerball drawn from a separate pool of 45 numbers. The jackpot typically maxes out at A$33 million, with usually only one first division winner. However, there are major differences between the US and Australian versions; in the US, a ticket automatically wins by matching the Powerball (the US game has only 39 possible Powerballs) while in Australia three numbers are needed (three of the five regular numbers, or two plus the Powerball.) The US jackpot is annuitized (with a cash option) while Australians always collect in lump sum. Finally, US lottery prizes are taxable, whilst there are no taxes collected on Australian Powerball winners. The drawings take place every Thursday at 10:45 AM GMT in Australia and ticket sales close approximately 5 hours prior to the draw. The Australian Powerball lottery results are available on on Thursday starting from 11:30 GMT.

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