Ireland Lotto Ireland Lotto

The Ireland Lotto leads Europe’s national lotto games with impressive prizes and exceptional winning odds throughout the prize division.

Ireland Lotto's highest jackpot was €18,963,441, collected in June 2008 by a group of 16 employees at a concrete factory. Although this remains Ireland Lotto's highest jackpot, the largest single win occurred when only one ticket matched the six winning numbers for a €16,717,717 jackpot in April 2010.

To enter the Ireland Lotto, select 6 numbers out of a guess range of 1-45. During the drawing, a seventh number, called the bonus number, is drawn. This number cannot contribute towards a jackpot prize, but does entitle players to various secondary prizes in Ireland Lotto's 6 secondary prize categories.  Ireland Lotto drawings are on Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 pm GMT.

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