Israel Double Lotto Israel Double Lotto

Israel’s Double Lotto has created thousands of big winners and offers odds that promise 1 in every 18 tickets will receive a prize.

To play the Double Lotto, select 6/37 main numbers and 1 additional number, called the chazak number, between 1 and 7. The additional number is drawn from a separate drum and must be correctly matched in order to claim the jackpot as well as 3 of the 7 secondary prize categories.

Players must match 6 out of 37 main numbers and the additional number to win the jackpot prize. Players who match smaller combinations of the winning main numbers and additional number can win one of the lottery’s seven secondary prize categories.  Jackpots are paid in a cash, lump sum payment and are subject to a 25% tax. Double Lotto offers exceptional winning odds with 1 in 18.8 tickets winning a prize.

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